# Integrated Solution for Distance Learning

Learning management systems and virtual classrooms are bundled with a social network in a versatile way to promote knowledge in every form of communication. All members have access to the marketplace, where they can place or look at targeted classifieds destined for the educational community.

This is the exact platform used for the delivery of our own courses and the best option available on the web today!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Unlimited Courses

Deliver or attend as many courses and live classes as you wish with no restrictions.

Monthly Contract

Subscriptions expire after a month. Lengthier contracts are available upon request.

Technical Requirements

Minimum Windows XP or MAC OSĀ® 10.6, a java enabled browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) with Java SE 6 or Oracle Java 6 or 7, and a reliable internet connection (DSL or better is recommended) with a cable modem. Headphones or speakers and a microphone are required (a headset is recommended). A web cam is needed for live video broadcasting.

Instructors Only

PayPal Required

PayPal account is required to receive payments for courses.

No Intermediates

All payments received from courses get directly to your PayPal account with no intermediates.

No Commissions

No hidden costs or commissions.