Learning management systems and virtual classrooms are bundled with a social network in a versatile way to promote knowledge in every form of communication. All members have access to the marketplace, where they can search and place classifieds for the educational community.

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Social networking promotes the exchange of knowledge and enhances overall experience of distance learning through the availability of advanced communication features.

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A premium learning management system is integrated under your custom branch address ( such as ) to facilitate interactivity throughout the entirety of your course plans.

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State-of-the-art virtual classrooms hosted on cloud are available upon request, under an affordable pay-per-hour pricing scheme, without the usual troubles of hosting on premises.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Social Networking

Social networking is provided free of charge to every member without an active subscription.


Members can place classifieds to the Marketplace for a limited time for free. Those who wish to get advantage of a lengthier display of classifieds can buy virtual credits for a fee.


Unlimited Everything

Deliver or attend as many courses and live classes as you wish without any restrictions. No limits over the number of your friends, learners or instructors either. Sole restriction is posed on the number of simultaneous attendees in a virtual classroom.

Flexible Contracts

Subscriptions expire after a month or 12 months. Longer contracts are more affordable.

Virtual Classrooms

State-of-the-art virtual classrooms are provided with every paid subscription. In individual plans, live classes are subject to classroom availability and require early reservation at least one week ahead of time. In business plans, live classes are not subject to any kind of availability and rooms are 24/7 available.

Instructors Only

PayPal Required

PayPal account is required to receive payments (tuition) for your courses through the platform. Fees from PayPal's payment gateway will apply in this case.

No Intermediates

All payments received through the platform go directly to your PayPal account with no intermediates. These money are yours and we will not touch them.

Clear Pricing

No hidden costs or commissions substracted from tutor's payment. Per seat pricing as low as 5 &euros; per month for every learner and a booking fee of 0.50 € per tutoring day applies to instructors reserving a virtual classroom for live classes.

Technical Requirements

  • Minimum Dual-core CPU with 2G of memory and Windows XP or MAC OS® 10.6.
  • A java enabled browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) with Java SE 6 or Oracle Java 6 or 7
  • A reliable internet connection (DSL or better is recommended) with a cable modem. Minimum 0.5 Mbits/sec (= 500 Kbits/sec) upstream bandwith and 1 Mbits/sec download bandwith. You can check here.
  • Headphones or speakers and a microphone are required (a headset is recommended).
  • A web cam is needed for live video broadcasting.